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Galati Multimodal Platform – Stage I
Upgrade of the waterside infrastructure
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bullets Project description:

Proiectul The project "Galati Multimodal Platforms - Stage I – Upgrading of the waterside infrastructure" is the first stage of the project "Multimodal Platform Galati - removing major bottlenecks by substantially upgrading existing infrastructure and bridging missing links for the Rhin - Danube / Alpine Core Networks Corridor" and aims to upgrade the waterside infrastructure of the port of Galati - Port Bazinul Nou area, located within the port of Galati.

The port of Galati infrastructure upgrade will contribute to enhance the connections between different countries such as Ukraine, Moldova and Romania allowing an increase of freight transport along the lower section of the Danube and the overall Rhine-Danube core network corridor.

The general objective: is to foster the use of inland waterway and maritime transport on the Rhine-Danube Corridor, by upgrading the basic port infrastructure and supporting transhipment operations in the Port of Galati.

Stages to achieve the general objective:

Drawing technical design and execution details following the execution of investment object: (1) Quay / unloading area, (2) Multimodal platforms - infrastructure (platforms, roads, utility networks) and superstructure (buildings, additional areas of storage), existing and newly created equipment and port facilities, (3) road and rail connection access to multimodal platforms, (4) the access platform area;
Capital dredging works in the basin located in the “Port Bazinul Nou” area to allow safe entry of vessels;
Upgrade of the existing quay to perform direct loading and unloading operations of Intermodal Loading Units (ILUs) between vessels and the quay;
Partial filling of the port basin to create additional space for berthing and future handling operations;
Levelling of the elevation profile of the platform.

Project partners:

CN APDM SA Galati – Project Coordinator
Metaltrade Inernational SRL – Project Partner
Port Bazinul Nou SA – Project Partner

bullets Reference data:

Start:: 01.08.2016
End: 31.03.2020

bullets Budget:

poza Maximum EU contribution: 21,776,814 €

State budget: 3.450.053€

Own contribution: 392,914€

Eligible cost: 25,619,781€

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